Our History

Laurel Hill Forest Lodge has a colourful history, originally built as the Leslie Nott Afforestation Camp in 1957, being a low security prison camp. The original inmates planted the pine trees in the surrounding area. In 1988 the inmates were moved to Mannus Correctional Centre, and it became The Laurel Hill Forest Camp when the Forestry Commission of New South Wales took control as a group accommodation facility and training centre for forestry staff.

In April 1995 Owen and Cathy Fitzgerald took over, with the change of name being Laurel Hill Forest Lodge. Today, the only reminders of the Lodge’s history are the names of the eight accommodation units which depict Australia’s major prisons.

The area in general has a rugged, pioneering history complementing the wilderness, the bushland and the forests. A pervading adventurous spirit of endeavour against hardship and the elements invigorates its character even now. The country way of life remains intact and unspoilt.

Our people 

Owen and Cathy Fitzgerald have been associated with the Tourism Industry since 1974, giving a depth of knowledge and experience in the service industry. We feel sure our knowledge and experience allows us to recognise the finer points to make your stay both successful and thoroughly enjoyable.