Adventure Activities at Laurel Hill Forest Lodge

Adventure Activities

The goal of the Laurel Hill Forest Lodge adventure staff is to expose individuals to new experiences that will contribute to their personal development. Physical and mental challenges are presented in the context of teamwork, mutual trust and problem solving with the goal of each participant being to develop an appreciation of their self worth. We strive to provide safe, professional and fun activities. The cost of these activities is dependent on student numbers and school requirements.  Laurel Hill Forest Lodge Adventure staff are happy to tailor a program to suit your groups needs and can offer all the following activities:

Amazing Race

In small groups students race to complete Mind Mess (mental) challenges and Detour (physical) challenges all while working together to not get lost and collect bonus points along the way.

Confidence Course

Our confidence course is a real winner in teaching or re-discovering your self confidence. Blindfolded and led by peers participants complete an obstacle course through the trees. The course will help develop team work within a group setting. The course will give you the confidence to achieve your very best despite seemingly impossible situations.

The team is given a scenario, for example: build a catapult to launch a ball – but all you have is a heap of poles and twine! The team is to design, construct and complete the scenario.


Outdoor Survival/ Shelter Building

shelterbuildingShelter building competitions, compass and navigation work are the story here. Learn (or brush up) to navigate to a chosen site and we will give you a scenario so that you can build a shelter worthy of spending the night in. The option to do so is always there!!  With some basic knowledge of the bush and weather, students build their own survival shelters from what they can find in the bush.  Students are given freedom to design and build how they want to with limited involvement from staff.



Bush Walking
Take a guided walk and enjoy the best bush Australia has to offer. We utilise forestry trails and the beautiful Hume and Hovell walking track for an experience you will not forget. You will feel like you are the only people left on earth and if you are lucky, you will see wild brumbies, lyre-birds, kangaroos, wallabies and sometimes the occasional dingo. For a relaxing nature experience this option is a must.


Learn the right way to approach problem solving, then use your initiative! We say that during the initiatives activity you will gain experience and practice in confronting problems and solving them. Different scenarios will be given for the team to solve, so sit back, assess the problem, get everybody’s ideas and then go with the best. A great leadership / team building activity.

Overnight Camp Outs
Stay out in the bush overnight; pitch your own shelter to sleep under or if the weather is nice sleep under the stars. Have a few activities around the campfire and share stories, jokes and maybe a bit of karaoke



Mountain Bike Rides

Ride through some of the most beautiful country in Australia catching glimpses of lyre-birds, wild brumbies and kangaroos. We have developed routes to suit different levels of fitness and ability from easy rambles through undulating countryside to some of the most scariest down-hills you will ever see. Stop for morning/ afternoon tea and listen to the wildlife then continue to the pickup/drop-off point for a well deserved spot of lunch or dinner.

Note- Bikes hire/ bringing own needs to be arranged by the visiting school




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