For those riders who want a challenge, there is no shortage of tough hill climbs either on the road or in the bush. Combine this with up to 1000 metres of altitude and you will get some quality training.
Remember, the Tour de Snowy used to pass through here and we have had several elite cyclist training camps based here.
For mountain bikers, you will be hard pressed to find better natural terrain, with hundreds of square kilometres of native forest and pine plantation. Trails will vary from single track to well used fire trails. There is something for everyone.

Join us on our next annual tried and tested “Easter Feast of Cycling” package or contact us if you would like to arrange a specially tailored package for you and your mates.

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A Poem from Smarty
Shepherds watch their flock
I’ve just heard this news, but for weeks it’s been around
For the Royal Wedding to cook our cooks turned it down
Our Shepherds turned cook, drivers & photographer looked after us so well
Really there is no reason for any of this for me to tell
Because have you seen any plates returned except empty yet?
That to me is a 100% mark that anyone can get
I am unanimous in this & this motley crew agree
That were looked after better than any only old Xmas tree.

“…..Hi Cathy and Owen ,Thanks again for a great weekend. All new and exciting how do you do it? Mum is still talking about the food, she is never excited about eating. WE were so lucky with the weather.Love to all Estelle and Lance April 2012 

“…..Hi Cathy and Owen ,Thank so much again for an amazing weekend! I really had the most brilliant time – and i had been quite anxious about it before we got there. Mel April 2012

“…..I just wanted to write and let you know that Siggi and I had a fabulous time over Easter. It surpassed all our expectations and if Siggi and I can get together for next Easter we will be there again, or maybe I’ll have to come on my own if he can’t make it as I know I won’t feel alone.The people we met, yourselves at the top of the list, were the kind of people we would love to meet again. Thanks again, Carolyn Graham. April 2013

“…..Dear Cathy and Owen, Just wanted to say a great big thank you from Nathan and myself for a fabulous Easter. The cycling, the food, the fun and friendship was just fantastic and we cant wait for next year! Ta Louise. April 2013

“…..Hi Cathy and Owen – Laurel Hill seems so far away today but have super memories of a really lovely week-end and want to thank you again for super organisation, food, management, strategy and all. All the best to you both for now – Theresa April 2013